• First Gene-based Physical Therapy treatment program that uses genetic profiling as a map to give direction on how to optimize a person’s health and well being.
  • No more trial and error!
  • Using the results of the genetic analysis, Prueba combines pain management, weight management, and strength and conditioning in one program to help each individual reach their maximum health potential.
  • Provides up to P150,000 coverage on In-clinic and Online physical therapy sessions.
  • One-time use only
  • Card Validity is up to 3 months to ensure treatment is done with the golden period of recovery from injury.
  • Includes 2 online In-house Gene Profiling Specialist Medical Doctor consultation.
  • Provides 1 online Program recommendation and assessment from a Physical Therapy Specialist.
  • Includes 1 In-clinic Taste of Prueba physical therapy session
  • Provides 1 Gene Profiling (Swab test)
  • Gene Profiling Interpretation and Relaying of results
  • Nutritionist Initial Counselling
  • Nutrition Plan Relaying
  • Nutritionist Follow up
  • 1 set of Laboratory test

Prueba Boost Care