Just as there is an app for everything, there is also a resistance band for every possible workout you could want to do. Whether you’re looking to build strength and definition in your arms, legs, glutes, or abdomen, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the proper band for the job.


Not only are these great to achieve overall wellness, but are a huge help in recovering from injury or whatever physical therapy needs your body may require since they can help stretch you out and provide weight without impact. The darker the color, the more tension it has.

The theraband is a complement to your sixth Toning program session to ensure that you can do exercises at home.

Physiaré's Toning program is a 12-session body sculpting program developed by Physical Therapists. The program is a combination of machine slimming procedures and exercises for weight management and muscle toning. The program can also optimize the effects of fat removal procedures. All sessions are performed by a Physical Therapy Specialist to help patients get the shape they want in the healthiest and most comfortable way.

Resistance Band - Exercise Band

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Color (Darker color provides more resistance)
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